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CSH Communications

Want the written word to convince, persuade or inform — in a way that is easy to read, warm and personable? Or maybe you need a website that is innovative, interactive and engaging – and based on the latest in behaviour science. There are many medical and health writers out there.

What sets our team apart is the unique combination of excellent communication skills and strong scientific backgrounds. Our writers bring to their assignments training in research design, epidemiology, biostatistics and health advocacy, as well as experience in health policy analysis, health care planning and delivery, health promotion, behaviour change, program evaluation and media relations.

  • Writing and editing consumer and patient education articles, brochures,
    newsletters and quizzes
  • Interactive patient education and behaviour change tools
  • Report writing and editing
  • Media releases, media spokesperson background materials & collateral
  • Scientific articles, literature reviews and presentations
  • Expert at translating science and research for lay audiences

CSH Research

Poorly designed or analyzed research is not only a waste of your time but of your
money. Our team can ensure that your research dollars are invested for optimal

  1. Program or project evaluation: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods
    research and evaluation
  2. Polling: help with questionnaire design and methods, data analysis and data
  3. Literature reviews: research and summary of health and medical topics and

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